Hi, I'm Tadgh!

I'm a Galway-based developer and technology enthusiast with UX credentials and experience in a range of professional software development roles.


  • Java, Python, C#
  • CSS, Javascript, Django
  • UX and Software Engineering
  • Background

  • HDip in Software Design and Development
  • MA in Digital Cultures, thesis on UX
  • Various software development roles
  • Interests

  • New challenges
  • New horizons
  • Working with you and your team
  • Projects

    The Moral Teachings Project

    The Moral Teachings Project is an interdisciplinary project which challenges the typical and outdated format of digital editions through user-centric, interactive design.

    The Virtual Galleria

    The Virtual Galleria is a sumptuous hall of tasteful fountains and neon glow shrouded in the mists of time.


    Computus.App is an interdisciplinary project which provides learners with access to a range of tables and algorithms for the computation of easter.