Hi, I'm Tadgh.

I'm a Galway-based software engineer and dog dad with professional and academic experience in a multiple different software engineering roles.


  • Java, JavaScript, Python, REST APIs
  • Spring Boot, Flask, JUnit, Pytest, Selenium
  • Docker, Google Cloud Platform, SQL and Doument Databases
  • Background:

  • Software Engineering and Testing Roles
  • HDip in Software Design and Development
  • MA in Digital Culture (Thesis on Software Development Lifecycle)
  • Interests:

  • Design Thinking
  • Systems Design
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Projects

    The Virtual Galleria

    Here's a passion project I worked on, using the vintage browser-based 3d rendering technology x3d to elicit nostalgia for the 1990s. Unfortunately the exploit I used to automatically play background music in the browser has since been patched, so the vibe has been spoiled a little.


    pprRank is a web app built with a Java Socket based RESTful API connected to a mongoDB database cluster. It holds a list of commercially available community-recommended headphones and sorts, searches, and filters that dataset by Predicted Preference Rating, price, and headphone type. It's containerized with Docker and hosted on Google Cloud Run

    Lorna Siggins Portfolio

    I designed, built, and hosted Lorna's portfolio using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Firebase

    Flask Coding Challenge

    Psychic-Winner is a submission for a coding challenge I was asked to complete. It demonstrates a RESTful API built in Python, Flask, SQLite, and Pytest with integration test coverage.


    The Moral Teachings Project is an interdisciplinary project which challenges the typical and outdated format of digital editions through user-centric, interactive design. This is the project which I used to back up my thesis statement for my Master's degree and thesis on UX and the Software Development Lifecycle.

    Whitethorn Gallery

    I built and assisted with the design of The Whitethorn Gallery's web presence using Wordpress, Elementor, CSS3, and JavaScript. To this date it's one of my favourite sites that I've worked on!

    Cube Connected Cities

    During the same period that I worked on the Whitethorn Gallery's web presence I also worked on the Cube Connected Cities website. I assisted in design, created the site's multimedia content, and built out the website in Wordpress, Elementor, CSS3, and JavaScript.


    Computus.App is an interdisciplinary project which provides learners with access to a range of tables and algorithms for the computation of easter.